Duro T – Lock

DURO T-LOCK membrane this system eliminates leakages failures encountered with conventioal systems with seams and overlap joints. DURO T-LOCK membranes are securely plasti c welded, moreover the width of DURO T-LOCK is almost double that of conventional below ground sheets, minimizing joints and ensuring a continuous leak proof protection to concrete slabs & walls.

The waterproofing efficacy of Self adheasive Blinde side waterproofing is primarily determined by the adhesive layer and tapes that are bound to degrade over time with heat, pressure, subsoil chemicals.

Duro T-LOCK membrane avoids all these and provide an superior anchoring lock on to concrete.

Duro T-LOCK system is made from Virgin PVC resins- A membrane which is physically “locked” to concrete structure.


Duro T-Lock Sheets are welded together by hot air welding.Key spacing is set at 70 mm. End laps and side laps should be minimum 75 mm.


Duro T-Lock is available in Black color as Standard.


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