Duro TPO FB is manufactured from flexible polyolefin, and contains no plasticizers, making it compatible with bituminous membranes, asphalt, steel profile sheeting, and other single ply systems. It has a non-woven polyester fleece on the underside. Duro TPO FB may be fully adhered, mechanically fixed, loose-laid, or ballasted.
Duro TPO FB resists root attack and has a high resistance to chemical and biological attack (moulds, microorganisms) as well as hail damage.
Duro TPO FB has a low environmental impact over the entire product life cycle, making it environmentally friendly.
Duro TPO FB complies with the BBA (British Board of Agrement).

Use Area

Waterproofing membrane suitable for roofs (ballasted and, in certain conditions, mechanically attached)
Water reservoirs , foundations and planters
Waterproofing membrane suitable for flat and pitched coverings in domestic and industrial buildings.
Flat roof refurbishment over existing bituminous membrane.



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