Durocoat 90A

Durocoat 90A

Durocoat 90A is a two component fast curing aliphatic coating that is 100% solids. The chemistry is such that it is a coating designed
as an abrasion resistant topcoat for polyurea and polyurethane systems or a separate coating system in itself for specific substrates.
This product is available in six colours for decking and flooring applications. The colours available are clear, black, white, beige, grey and chocolate brown.


  • Fast cure
  • Aliphatic coating
  • Excellent ageing in outdoor exposures
  • Zero VOC – no solvent and no flammability
  • Mix ratio convenience 1/1 by volume


Applications :

  • Industrial equipment
  • Deck coatings
  • Industrial and commercial flooring
  • Garage doors
  • Food processing plant walls
  • Floors and ceilings and UV resistant overcoat (polyurea and polyurethane)


Packaging :

  • 10 Litre(Part A)
  • 10 Litre(Part B)
  • 4 Litre(Part A)
  • 4 Litre(Part B)



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