Duropoxy MC

Duropoxy Wear MC

Duropoxy Wear MC is a two component heavy duty,100% solids,high build, highly chemical resistant and heavy duty maintenance coating suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial floor , wall and steel protection applications. Duropoxy Wear MC provides a decorative, hygienic, dust free coating with heavy abrasion resistance. Duropoxy Wear MC is resistant to hydrogen sulphide that may be present in pipes and plants for the treatment of sewage. It is recommended that Duropoxy Wear MC is applied in a three coat application when used in particularly aggressive and harsh environments. This three coat application will give a total cured maintenance coating thickness of 0.4 -0.5 mm. Duropoxy Wear MC can be applied by using a roller , brush or with airless spray equipment. The working time of Duropoxy Wear MC, as shown below, is long enough to render the use of twin spray heads unnecessary . Duropoxy Wear MC is volatile organic compounds free (Nil V.O .C.) is suitable for coating and protecting structures that are in contact with food stuffs.


  • Food, Beverage Facilities including Abattoirs
  • Chemical Storage Tanks and Bunds
  • Protective Coatings for Concrete and Steel
  • Car Parks and Ramps including Forklift Areas
  • Factory and Warehouse Floors
  • Mechanical Workshops
  • Sewage Treatment Plants and Pipes
  • Plant Rooms and Machine Rooms



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