Durosheet Vent Base

Duro Torch V Base Sheet is a membrane consisting of a compound based on oxidized bitumen reinforced with a glass fibre matt. The combination of a high performance polymer bitumen and a high strength glass fibre mat reinforcement provides a durablesystem ensuring good flexibility at low temperatures and excellent heat resistance. This technically advanced membrane performs
well in the extremes of the Australian climate.


  • The Duro Torch range is manufactured under ISO 9001 Total Quality guidelines.



  • Duro Torch V Base Sheet is intended for use as the first layer in a partially bonded built-up roofing system. Where a substrate may contain moisture, Vented Base is used as apressure dispersal and venting layer against moisture vapour, thereby al-lowing quick expulsion through roof vents. Duro Torch V Base Sheet may also be used on decks subject to dimensional variation and movement.





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