• Address: Durotech Industries, 14 Essex Street Minto NSW 2566 Australia
  • Phone: 02 9603 1177

DURO MASTIC™ AC Clear is a waterproof and UV resistant liquid top coat used for the long-term decorative coating and sealing of building surfaces. It cures to form a flexible waterproof coating that is resistant to weathering. Although the coating is waterproof it allows the substrate to breathe, reducing the risk of blistering. DURO MASTIC™ AC Clear has been used for over 20 years as a roof membrane. Read More

Features and Benefits

  • Single component.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Low odour.
  • Permanently flexible.
  • Seamless.
  • UV stable, weather resistant.
  • Easily maintained.
  • Non toxic.

Areas of Use

  • Concrete roofs (non trafficable).
  • Facades.
  • Concrete or block work walls and Parapets.
  • Asbestos roof encapsulation.
  • Parapet Walls.