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Duromastic AC

DURO MASTIC™ AC is a waterproof and UV resistant liquid membrane used either for long-term waterproofing or as a decorative coating. It cures to form a flexible waterproof membrane or coating by varying the thickness and number of coats. It is resistant to weathering, fungi and algae. Although the membrane is waterproof it allows the substrate to breathe, reducing the risk of blistering. DURO MASTIC™ AC has been used for over 20 years as a roof membrane and protective coating. Read More


    • UV stable, weather resistant.
    • Water-based.
    • Low VOC.
    • Single component.
    • Environmentally friendly.
    • Low odour.
    • Permanently flexible.
    • Seamless.
    • Fungi and algae resistant.
    • Easily maintained and repaired.
    • Non hazardous.

Area Used

    • Concrete roofs.
    • Facades & parapet walls.
    • Bitumen roof top coating.
    • Foot trafficable roof deck membrane.
    • Concrete or blockwork walls.
    • Asbestos roof encapsulation.