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Duromastic BLW AR

Duromastic BLW AR

Duromastic BLW-AR is an elastomer in the form of a high grade, modified latex bitumen emulsion. When fully cured it forms a tough and flexible waterproofing lining for concrete, mineral surfaces and cement render. This product has been formulated to impart a level of root resistance to the applied surface, but it is not recommended as the sole prevention method. The effectiveness is enhanced when the whole specification for this application is applied. Where root penetration is a major concern it is always recommended that plants with non-invasive root systems be picked as a priority in planter boxes and general landscaping projects. Read More


    • Single component
    • Easily applied
    • Excellent recovery in terms of flexibility
    • Non Toxic - Water based product
    • Fast curing
    • Root Resistant
    • Low VOC - Environmentally friendly

Area Used

    • Retaining Walls
    • Planter Boxes


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