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Duromastic TP 18-059 1K

Duromastic TP 18-059 1K

Duromastic TP 18-059 1K is a one component, flexibale and reinfored mortar modified with polymer and cement.  It contains fillers and fine aggregate with waterproofing additives to produce a flexible mortar that is ideal for waterpoofing surfaces subject to flexural strain. This can be suitabler by brush, roller, trowel. Read More


    • Water demand 292 mls / kg
    • Reaches 4 bar negative pressure after standard curing conditions
    • Can be applied to damp substrates
    • Excellent sag resistance
    • Very good adhesion to many subsrtates includinhg concrete, cement mortars, and timber and masonry surfaces, very smooth surfaces - adhesion to be checker prior to application on job site for these smooth surfaces.
    • One component and just add water.
    • Mixing ratio can be adjusted in order to obtain the consistency and workability desired for the intended application.

Use Area

    • Waterpoofing of concrete structures - see technical department for more speicific infomation
    • Internal wterpoofing of walls and floors in
    • Waterpoofing of terraces and blaconies over concrete or prepared existing tiles


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