• Address: Durotech Industries, 14 Essex Street Minto NSW 2566 Australia
  • Phone: 02 9603 1177

Product Datasheet

Duroproof PUM Pro is a high performance, hand applied, low VOC, moisture-curing single-pack elastomeric polyurethane waterproofing membrane. Read More

Features and Benefits

  • Monolithic membrane – no lap, wield or seams
  • Low smell
  • Quick tack-free surface
  • High resistance to puncture
  • High resistance to fouling
  • High resistance to stagnant water
  • High elongation, >300%
  • No reinforcement required
  • Excellent crack bridging capability
  • Elastomeric behaviour: remains flexible at low temperatures
  • Single-pack: no mixing, ready to use

Areas of Use

It is designed for waterproofing diverse parts of a building including balconies, terraces, podium decks, wet areas, roofs