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Duropur Ultraflex Hydrophobic

Duropur Ultraflex Hydrophobic

Duropur Ultraflex Hydrophobic is a low viscosity hydrophobic polyurethane formulation with high elongation properties for sealing leaking cracks or joints where some movement is possible. The system is comprised of a base resin along with an accelerator component. Duropur Accelerator is used by the experienced installer to manipulate the reaction profile as warranted by job site conditions. Being a hydrophobic formulation, when reacted with minimal amounts of water, the resulting foam will maintain its physical form and not be subject to shrinkage due to wet/dry cycles. When injected into wet cracks, Ultra produces a closed cell foam. Read More


    • 100 % solids
    • Outstanding adhesion, high elongation
    • Expands up to 25 times initial volume
    • Non-hazardous shipping
    • Pumps as a single component
    • Non-flammable
    • Controllable reaction times
    • Cures inert, non-toxic permanent seal
    • Excellent resistance and durability
Duropur Ultraflex Hydrophobic

Area Used

    • Water Related Facilities
    • Concrete Dams
    • Waste Treatment Plants
    • Tunnels
    • Storm Water Systems
    • Earthen Dams
    • Underground Vaults
    • Elevator Pits
    • Manhole Facilities
    • Parking Garages