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Durosand K5

Durosand K5

Durosand K5 is used with the Duropoxy Binder. The Durosand K5 is an inert materal that as an aggregrate mix has a desired range of particle sizes that allows for more even coverage and uniform coverage as the different particle sizes allow for less holes visible in the aggregrate mix and more finer mix for levelling and filling the desired holes for repair or screed or mortar mix when comibed with Duropoxy binder or Duropoxy primer. The Durosand K5 is a proprietary mix and this is a very fine and tight finish to help achieve this finer finish. The Durosand K5 aggregate inert sand mix are used with the Duropoxy binder for preparation of ramps, coving, hole repair and as combined with a solventless binder it provide lower cost in saving dollars for the integrity to fill holes, repair concrete and remediation work for substrate and structural work. This allows for multi applications where epoxy resins are used. Please refer to the Durotech technical department on how to use Durosand K5 in combination with Duropoxy Binder system. Read More


    • Cost reduction when combined with epoxy system
    • Repair of concrete when combined with epoxy system
    • Provides effective process to build a mortar mix or coving mix to the desired height
    • Excellent adhesion to damp or dry concrete when combined with epoxy system
    • Reduces the heat when combined with epoxy resin system
    • Excellent mechanical strength
Durosand K5

Area Used

    • Repair and structural bonding of new to old concrete
    • Repair of cracks in old concrete floors
    • Coving applications