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DUROSHEET BGW self adhesive film composite waterproofing membrane is composited of polymer membrane, elastoplasticity gel layer and composite functional coating. The functions of different structure layers are as follows: Polymer Membrane:Be the Carrier of gel layers and coating, having high strength, flexibility, puncture resistant, weather resistance etc. Elastoplasticity gel layer:Asphalt-free synthetic adhesive, can prevent water migration and absorb parts of damage by extraneous factors, not affected by structural cracks. Composite functional coating:0.2~0.4mm thick coating could greatly reduce the UV effect on elastoplasticity gel layer. No protection layers immediately trafficable. Microporous structure forms a unique continuous adhesive bond to concrete poured against it. Read More


    • Excellent environmental adaptability, when continuous exposure more than 45 days the material properties remain unchanged.
    • Have stereoscopic spray coating, providing a permanent and integral adhesive bond to concrete. Improve the safety and reliability of waterproofing.
    • Dustproof design and no protection layers immediately trafficable. Directly carry on assembling reinforcement and pouring concrete.
    • None release liner, simple and quick to install, Fully-adhered watertight laps and detailing.
    • Excellent plastic deformation and perfect show the application performance of the polymer sheet.
    • Offer excellent chemical resistance to concrete alkaline water, household garbage, biological damage and mildew corrosion.
    • No water pollution and eco-friendly.

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