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  • Phone: 02 9603 1177

DuroTorch 4mm MINERAL

DUROTORCH and DUROTORCH 4mm MINERAL are bituminous plastomeric torch-on waterproofing membranes. They consist of a special compound based on distilled bitumen modified with selected a tactic polypropylene and reinforced with a high-performance spun bond polyester reinforcement, which offers excellent characteristics of mechanical resistance, ultimate-elongation and dimensional stability. The APP modified waterproofing compound assures good flexibility at low temperatures and excellent resistance to heat and UV rays. The whole Durotech range is manufactured under a closely controlled system which conforms to the ISO 9001 requirements and guidelines. Read More


    • High performance torch-on membranes produced in Italy (the country that invented modified membranes and that is still the largest world producer and the holder of know – how and producer of all machineries to manufacture the product.
    • Advance carriers made of combined polyester (spun bond polyester reinforced with fiberglass) to boost dimensional stability.
    • Bitumen modification made with polypropylene based APP, specially selected for Australian climate (high UV radiation)
    • Product consistency (no variation of thickness, mix quality etc.)

Area Used

    • DUROTORCH and DUROTORCH 4mm MINERAL membranes are versatile and easy to install. Because of their good mechanical characteristics and high dimensional stability, they are suitable to be used both in residential and industrial waterproofing. DUROTORCH and DUROTORCH 4mm MINERAL membranes are compatible with most materials normally used in roofing structures.