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FulaFlex 550 PU LM

FulaFlex 550 PU LM is a one component moisture-curing low modulus Class A polyurethane sealant with excellent joint movement capabilities. It cures into a flexible, durable and weather resistant sealant and exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. FulaFlex 550 PU LM is low in VOC (<30g/L) and satisfies the requirements for the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).   Read More


    • Plastics (pre-test)
    • Aluminium
    • Polyurethane
    • Cement Sheet
    • Glass
    • Steel
    • Plasterboard
    • Timber
    • Concrete
    • Polystyrene
    • Masonry

Area Used

    • Building joints with high movement
    • Joints in pre-cast and tilt-up concrete elements
    • Connection joints between windows, doorframes and walls
    • Joints in brickwork, masonry and blockwork
    • Perimeter fillets in waterproofing membrane systems