Waterproofing products for basement bathroom tanking & roof


Durotech has been serving the construction industry since 1977. We are globally renowned for providing innovative and quality based waterproofing products. Our range of products includes vast range of durable Internal/External waterproofing membranes, Specialty Coatings, General Preparations and priming products to cater to the construction industry. Products like Duro Mastic P15 and Wbe Hibuld Epoxy are leaders in the marketplace, being developed using modern technology and innovative ideas.

damp proof membrane

Internal/External Water based Membranes

Duromastic Waterproofing WET

roofing products

Internal/External Solvent based Membranes

Duromastic Solvent based Membranes WET

Shower waterproofing bathroom

Primers & Sealers

Duromastic Waterproofing water based general

Durable waterproofing

UV Decorative flexible membranes/coatings

Crack bridging flexible membrane, Solar Reflective

Waterproofing for basement

Torch On Sheet Membranes

Torch Applied and peel and stick Membranes have been

Planter box waterproofing

Joint Sealants

Fast cure pu, standard cure pu, neutral cure

DuroFlex Cementious membranes

DuroFlex Cementious membranes WET


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