• Address: Durotech Industries, 14 Essex Street Minto NSW 2566 Australia
  • Phone: 02 9603 1177


These courses includes both theory and practical training in the preparation and installation of Durotech’s liquid applied waterproofing membranes for Internal Wet Areas, external grade and below ground waterproofing applications.The Durotech training includes Internal Waterproofing systems, Bondbreakers, Reinforcing fabrics, Waterbased PU membranes, Solvent based PU membranes, Epoxy Primers, Durotech’s product range, application of membranes and detailing as well as and regulations, common membrane failures and causes and interactive product discussion and questions.

Durotech institute ensures that the training is done accordingly to all austrlaian standards and best practise. Education is the key for a project to be done correctly hence making the construction industry one step further to a defect free build.

At the Durotech institute You will learn the following:

  • Latest technologies in the market.
  • How to install Product systems correctly.
  • What to do when things do go accordingly to plan.
  • OH&S and all regulations related to products
  • Tips and tricks from the industry best
  • Networking with like minded indivuals
  • Technical support

This institute is aimed to improve the overall experience with Durotech making the manufacturer and Client in sync when working together in the building industry.