• Address: Durotech Industries, 14 Essex Street Minto NSW 2566 Australia
  • Phone: 02 9603 1177

Duromix Hibuild WBE

DUROMIX™ Hibuild WBE is a two component water based epoxy coating used to prime, seal and coat concrete or masonry surfaces. It cures to a tough chemical and water resistant coating having excellent adhesion to sound concrete. Read More


    • Water based
    • Ultra low VOC
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Excellent water resistance
    • Excellent oil resistance
    • Excellent adhesion to fresh concrete
    • Applicable to damp surfaces
    • Resists hydrostatic pressure when cured
    • Requires a UV resistant top coat when in direct sunlight e.g. Duropond

Area Used

    • Fish ponds
    • Retaining walls
    • Reverse Tanking
    • Primer for acrylic & polyurethane membranes
    • Dust sealing concrete floors
    • Waterproofing concrete slabs prior to vinyl and timber overlays
    • Concrete curing membrane
    • Moisture barrier on damp walls/floors