• Address: Durotech Industries, 14 Essex Street Minto NSW 2566 Australia
  • Phone: 02 9603 1177

Duroprime DSP

DUROPRIME DSP is a water based, ready-to-use silicate/acrylic primer which is highly versatile for priming, stabilising, consolidating and sealing porous and dense mineral substrates like masonry, concrete, screeds, lime and cement renders, bricks and stone surfaces prior to painting with water-based coatings and membranes. It penetrates and binds mineral and cementitious substrates by chemical reaction called “Silification” to produce uniform inseparable bonding with the mineral substrate. Read More


    • Single component which easily spreads and quick drying
    • Helps stop efflorescence
    • Binds and consolidate friable cementitious substrate
    • Enhances adhesion and bond of the waterproofing membranes to the mineral substrate
    • Good wetting and adhesion properties
    • Non-flammable
    • Reduces substrate porosity through crystalline technology
    • Increases strength within cementitious substrates

Area Used

    • As a primer on concrete roof tiles, concrete, fibro, and other mineral/cementitious surfaces prior to the application of membrane products for exterior and
    • interior applications.
    • Stabilize and consolidate aged and dusty concrete surfaces.
    • Encapsulation of asbestos cement sheeting/ asbestos containing substrates.