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Duroproof ATC (Topcoat)

Duroproof ATC is single pack, aliphatic polyurethane waterproofing top coat which has been formulated as a complimentary and compatible top coat for UV and Duroproof PUM. Aliphatic technology provides greater UV protection, colour fastness and anti-chalking properties and is designed to extend the life of exposed aromatic polyurethanes. ATC forms a tough, flexible, seamless, highly UV stable, waterproof coating. ATC meets the 'Green Star' enviromental criteria. Read More


    • ATC represents the highest standards in aliphatic polyurethane waterproofing technology and provides the following benefits and advantages.
    • Provides excellent UV protection.
    • Extends the life of the waterproofing membrane system.
    • Meets the 'Green Star' environmental criteria.
    • Single pack - no mixing.
    • Curing (usually within) 24 hours.
    • Permanently flexible.
    • Suitable for immersion in water.
    • Good chemical resistance.
    • High strength and puncture resistant.
    • Provides seamless membrane (no joints or laps)
    • Easily repaired and or maintained.
    • Easy to apply.

Area Used

    • ATC is primarily formulated as a highly UV stable top coat over and Duroproof PUM to give greater long term UV protection and colour fastness thereby extending the life and performance of the waterproofing membrane.